Behind María Secas we find María González (San Cristóbal de La Laguna, 1988) and Melisa Pita (Ferrol, 1988).

After finishing her studies in fashion design at Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja (Barcelona), María begins thinking of which would be the best way to express her creativity. In 2013, her ideas begin to take shape.

Since she was a little girl, María has been in permanent contact with all sorts of patterns, needles and threads. Her grandmother made “traditional canary costumes” and her mother used to attend to pattern making classes where María always went as a spectator. Despite not paying much attention, all of these experiences left a decisive mark on María, who later on decides that Fashion design will be her way of expression.

“Doménikas” is the name of María Secas’s first collection (the first story that María tells to the public). Inspired by “El Greco”, this collection spurred interest in the fashion industry. Doménikas was selected for the “Barcelona Prêt-à-Porter 1958-2008. Medio siglo de industria y moda. Colección textile Antoni Montpalau”, an exhibition located in the majestic Palau Robert in Barcelona (December 2013). The pieces of this collection were also featured in the “PopUp Expo de la 080 Barcelona FashionWeek” (July 2013) and in editorials by Veux Magazine, Vogue Italia, Glassbook Magazine…

All this media attention to her first collection made María think seriously about starting up a fashion project in the near future. After two year research with the help of SECOT (As.Senior de Asesoramiento Empresarial), María’s project becomes a reality.

At this final stretch, Melisa appears almost by chance. Her experience in Advertising and Communication and Art Direction (Escola Elisava, 2013) along with the great fascination with fashion were the perfect complement to the company.

Both María and Melisa share their vision of fashion: Fashion as art, as a way of expression and as a freedom statement.


MaríaSecas is a Prêt-à-couture fashion firm designed for women, an innovative way of creating and making fashion. This new creative system has been described in many ways by the specialized press but this is our favourite definition:

“The Prêt-à-couture is the quality and attention of Haute Couture taken to the street. It’s a creative approach created by and for the client. People who don’t want to dress as everyone else but they don’t want to go through innumerable test sessions to wear a custom-made piece. Prêt-à-couture is the perfect combination between the tradition and elitism of Haut Couture and the conventional fashion style, the Prêt-à-porter.”

María Secas is Prêt-à-Couture, the attention to detail and handcraftsmanship. It’s real sizes and flexible patterns for every female body type. We take care of materials and processes with full responsibility and attention to every tailoring detail.

Art and history are the main source of inspiration for the firm. The melancholy of classicism, the reinterpretation of classic concepts throughout contemporary methods. Art as an expression, as a revolution, as a ground-breaking statement, as a way to question the established criteria. All this is reflected in the collections of the firm.

María Secas develops capsule collections with limited edition pieces, small collections shaped by numbered pieces. When a customer makes an order, a new piece is created.  A brand new María Secas entirely made for each client.

There’s no mass production in María Secas. There’s no product if there’s no client, which allows us to be more sustainable. We produce a limited number of pieces with every collection. Every garment comes with its corresponding numbered certificate to guarantee the exclusivity and carefulness that defines the firm.

María Secas designs and elaborates its creations in the centre of Barcelona. Thanks to that, our fashion firm takes care of all the production methods, working under high quality and sustainability standards. Barcelona lets the firm work at the delicate Prêt-à-Couture pace. A city of contrasts, its continue effervescence makes it perfect to discover and learn all new creative and inspiring actions. María Secas takes a chance on the #whomademyclothes #madeinbarcelona trends and for the textile and handcraftship reactivation of the city.